Mattel - 處便不驚 | Flushin' Frenzy™

by Mattel
這是一個考驗反應的遊戲! 先擲骰子,然後按骰子出現的數字按下柱塞沖洗廁所。當便便飛起來,你能夠在半空中捕獲它,即可獲取兩個籌碼! 擁有籌碼最多的玩家獲勝!


It’s the game of a plunger, some poop, and fast reflexes! Flush the handle on the toilet to roll the die, and when a number comes up—you have to plunge the toilet that number of times. But be careful, on any given push of the plunger the poop may COME FLYING OUT OF THE TOILET! The first player to grab the poop earns a token.  If you’re quick enough to catch it in midair, you earn TWO tokens! The player who ends up with the most tokens wins! Is this game reallly gross or just gross enough? You decide! Lots of silly fun for 2-4 young plungers, age 5 and up. Comes with 1 toilet, 1 plunger, 1 die, and 10 score tokens. Colors and decorations may vary. ​