Exquisite | Vintage Leather Strap for Apple Watch 42/44mm - Tan


Electron’s Alumflat USB Sync and Charge Cable with Lightning connector offers iPhone, iPod and iPad users a highly durable and aesthetically pleasing cable.

  • Size: 10*16.7*2 cm
  • Weight: 90gram
  • Color: Tan

Great material

  • Premium Genuine Leather
  • Brushed Stainless Black Steel Pre-V Buckle
  • Length: 200mm (120/80)
  • Width: 24mm
  • Thickness: 4mm

Unique Design Trending

The cable gives you a tangle-free charging and syncing experience, and it's most commonly paired with Power Banks and notebook computers. Special note: we advice against using the Alumflat cable when you're craving for linguine.


大部份的人都一定同意Apple Watch原廠的矽膠或尼龍錶帶已經是又好看又耐用的選擇,但有些人總是希望可以找到一條更有個性,更適合自己的錶帶。

厚度: 4mm優雅,斯文大方的人的一個選擇。以高級真皮製造,錶帶更會越用越貼合你的手腕。