AUTOMOTIVE | Magnet Dashboard and Windshield Mount for Smartphones


Automotive Magnet Dashboard and Windshield Mount is designed for 4” - 6” smartphones. This mount works with the complimentary metal plate which being hidden between your phone and phone case. It stays practically invisible when in use.

  • Size: 135 x 73 x 73mm
  • Weight: 99gram
  • Material: ABS
  • Color: Black

Great material

  • Apply on both Windscreen or Dashboard
  • 3M Technology Suction Cup
  • Support Phones up to 6"
  • Easy Magnet Operation
  • Complimentary Metal Plate

Unique Design Trending

This magnet mount holds your phone on either the windshield or on the dashboard by our 3M technology suction cup which you can re-use or remove without leaving residue. It’s a perfect companion on your driving journey.

Automotive 系列磁力儀表板及擋風玻璃智能手機支架為4” - 6“ 智能手機而設。附送的鐵片可放於手機殼於手機之間,於無形之間可輕鬆使用。

  • 大小: 135 x 73 x 73mm
  • 重量: 99克
  • 物料: ABS
  • 顏色: 黑色

Great material

  • 用於擋風玻璃或儀錶板上
  • 3M 技術吸盤
  • 可用於6“以下智能手機
  • 輕易磁鐵操控
  • 附有金屬貼片

Unique Design Trending