AUTOMOTIVE | ORE 4.8A Dual USB Car Charger - Charcoal


Ever wondered how to charge your phone on your space trip? Why not consult the ORE 4.8A Dual USB Car Charger for an answer! Inspired by Star Trek, MONOCOZZI's designers have carved out this masterpiece that support a 4.8A output.

  • Size: 82 x 18 x 13mm
  • Weight: 20gram
  • Material: ABS
  • Color: Charcoal

Great material

  • 4.8A Output
  • Dual USB
  • Space Ship Design
  • Metallic Coating
  • Optimal charging for 2 Tablets or 2 Smartphones Simulteneously

Unique Design Trending

It takes a clean, sleek shape that assembles a space ship with an extra metallic coating for greater durability. Doesn't matter if both your smartphone and tablet are running low when you're nearing Pluto, MONOCOZZI can take care of both.

有想過在太空船裡面會怎樣幫手機充電嗎?何不想像一下答案就是 Monocozzi 的 ORE 4.8A 輸出雙 USB 車充?以星空奇遇記為設計藍圖,MONOCOZZI 的設計師繪畫出這個4.8A輸出的大師級作品。

  • 大小: 82 x 18 x 13mm
  • 重量: 20克
  • 物料: ABS
  • 顏色: 炭灰色 / 金色

Great material

  • 4.8A 輸出
  • 雙USB 輸出
  • 太空船設計
  • 金屬漆塗層
  • 可同時以最高速為兩台平板和兩台手機充電

Unique Design Trending

這個簡約秀麗的太空船設計加上用以增強耐用性的金屬噴漆,無論你是否已經快要到達冥王星,Monocozzi 仍然可以照顧到你的手機和平板電腦。