Mattel - 小心翼翼 | Tip It™

by Mattel
你的手眼協調和專注力如何?測試一下吧! 這是一個需要兼備技巧和專注力的平衡遊戲。 每個玩家先旋轉擺針,然後用叉子取出擺針所指向的顏色磁盤! 如果指定顏色磁盤上有其他其他顏色的磁盤,你必須先取出其他顏色的磁盤。 玩家能夠取出4個相同顏色的磁盤即獲勝,但磁盤塔卻有機會不停地傾斜和搖晃,所以並不是能夠輕易地做到! 


How's your hand-eye coordination? And your concentration? This game will try to tip it! Tip It™ is the ultimate balancing game requiring both concentration and skill. Each player spins the pointer to find out which color disk to remove with the lifting fork, but not so fast! If there are other disks in the way, you'll have to remove other colors first to be able to reach yours. The player to remove three discs of the same color wins, but the tower keeps tipping and wobbling, so it's not as easy as it sounds! Tip It™ is the exciting game of steady nerves and perfect balance. Comes with base, tripod, and other game components like balancing poles, disks, and of course the all-important lifting fork! Get ready for big fun and a lot of giggles as you try not to Tip It™! Colors and decorations may vary.