Little Lon x MONOCOZZI | Name Card Holder with Retractable Strap - Night View


Little Lon x Monocozzi has been the first collaboration between the talented illustrator Lon Lee and the up and coming Hong Kong traveller accessories brand MONOCOZZI. The series of products features the graphics of Cantonese delicacies and nostalgic moments of old Hong Kong.

  • Size: 10 x 8cm
  • Weight: 30 gram
  • Pattern: Night

Great material

  • Lon Lee x MONOCOZZI Collaboration
  • Hong Kong Delicacies and Nostalgic Theme
  • Faux Leather
  • Retractable Strap

Unique Design Trending

These card holders are made of water repellent Faux leather, which maintain durable for years of use.



Little Lon x Monocozzi 是首個由本地出色的插圖師李嘉朗和香港品牌 MONOCOZZI 合作的香港紀念產品系列。本系列揉合了香港特色飲食及早期殖民時期香港的懷舊景象。

  • 大小: 10 x 8cm
  • 重量: 30克
  • 圖案: 電車 / 天星小輪 / 雪糕車 / 夜景

      Great material

      • Lon Lee x MONOCOZZI 全新聯乘系列
      • 香港美食及懷舊主題
      • 環保仿真皮
      • 配可伸縮拉帶

          Unique Design Trending